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‘moim’ [mo-im]: is a Korean word that means a gathering of people for a purpose.

‘moim planet’ was developed with a specific purpose to create a premium user experience suitable for education in schools and corporations.

The specialized environments and optimized functions make it ideal for meetings, seminars, and large conferences.

We believe ‘moim planet’ is the most adoptable and versatile metaverse platform in the market because it focuses on the core user experience.



Feel free to express your individuality and enjoy the freedom of being who you want to be.

Choose from various themes and customizable features to make your avatar the perfect extension of you.

Look out for updates coming very soon!


Whether it’s for a meeting or a conference, we got you covered.

Unlock a student’s potential in a futuristic classroom.

A variety of spaces and places to choose and occupy.

Functions optimized to support each space and make you feel in control.


We provide a space specialized for education, conferences and meetings.
There will be no limit to the new spaces that will be provided in the future.
It’s good to look forward to it.


‘moim planet’ was developed from the ground up with a purpose of creating the best user experience around.

With the expansion of our various vertical services, we aim to be a bridge for users that helps them connect to the metaverse with confidence.


Key Features


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Big idea

Big idea

For the beta version we wanted to focus on versatile virtual spaces that were applicable for education and conferences.

Moving forward our plan is to sequentially launch new vertical services that have customized user experiences for specific industries.

We will create new job opportunities through our marketplace where user-generated content and assets can be traded or sold.

Look out for consistently updated APIs and SDKs that allow third parties to connect and collaborate to our foundation for expansion.

Big idea




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